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March 8, 2014


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Welcome to "The Directory"

dircertory_logo "The Directory to Labrador Retriever Pedigrees", is a collection of Labradors submitted by breeders around the world to showcase and promote what they have accomplished with their breeding programs. It is a yearly publication that allows the Labrador community to use "The Directory" as a single source of information to help others expand and even improve the lineage of their own breeding programs.
We hope that we can count on the support of you, the breeding community, to continue to make this Directory a success. As you know it takes your support and dedication to the breed to make "The Directory" a useful tool in the continuing effort to make the Labrador Retriever as sound as we can as breeders. We hope that continuing "The Directory" can help us as breeders make wise, calculated decisions in our breeding programs. It also allows you the breeders to showcase your breeding accomplishments. We look forward to working with all of you.
We promise to continue to expand the baseline of available Labradors worldwide allowing us all to having a broader insight to the best Labradors out there. By doing this it is our hope to make a larger contribution to the improvement and growth of our beloved Labrador Retrievers. We will accomplish this with your willingness to share your breeding accomplishments with us, the Labrador community.